Екатерина Анохина




Love is near ( Предчувствие любви )

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Катерина Анохина (цимбалы, вокал)

Макар Новиков (контрабас)

Даша Мороз (фортепиано)

Дарья Филиппенко (альт)

В программе:
Музыка Дж.Гершвина, А.Пьяццоллы,
Э.Вилла-Лобоса, А.Хинастеры, Л.Бернстайна,
Д.Эллингтона, Л.Армстронга, Л.Бонфа,
И.Фролова, Дж.Макхью



Cet amour


10 декабря 2016

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Катерина Анохина (цимбалы, вокал, художественное слово)

Даша Мороз (фортепиано)

В программе:

Музыка М. Равеля, К. Дебюсси, К. Сен-Санса, Ж. Массне, Ф. Пуленка, М. Леграна

Поэзия П. Верлена, Ж. Превера, В. Гюго, С. Малларме, Ш. Бодлера на языке оригинала

Песни Ш. Дюмона, М. Трэне, М. Монно, Э. Пиаф, Ж. Косма


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Екатерина Анохина цимбалы

Елена Вашкевич фортепиано

Ж.Ф.Рамо, Ф,Куперен, К.Дебюсси, М.Равель, К.Сен-Санс, К.Бален


            БЕЛОРУССКОЕ TV. 2002(?)г.                                2010 -2011г.


Artist: Katerina Anokhina
• Moscow, Russia
• Performs classics on string cimbalum
• Winner of international competitions
• Professor of Belarusian State Music Academy
• Speaks English, French

• Email: k.anokhina@mail.ru
• Phone: +7 916 605 47 22; +375 29 683 4412

Katerina Anokhina is a unique instrumental performer playing classics on cimbalum .It is a rare ancient string instrument, which comes from the East. There are similar instruments in other cultures known as santours or dulcimers. 3-octave range and chromatic tuning allow cimbalum to be used in performing a lot of classical works from violin repertory.

Anokhina is a highly experienced professional, having performed on stage for over 20 years. She has often been a winner of several prestigious international awards, enjoying working with world-renowned musicians. She has performed in 12 countries, including Switzerland, Germany, Italy, USA and Japan. In April of 2008 she will have a tour in America, which will end with the concert in Carnegie-Hall in New York on the 29th of April. Anokhina received this unique opportunity as a winner of IBLA Grand Prize competition on Sicily (Raqusa-Ibla) in 2007.

Her previous awards are no less significant. She is a winner of International
Competition for Interpreters of Modern Music in Rome (Italy) in 2006, Grand-Prix winner of International Contemporary Penderezky Chamber Music Competition in Krakow (Poland) in 2005, winner of International Competition of Folk instruments Performers "Cup of the North" in Cherepovetz(Russia) in 2000.
She has had recitals at Automne musicale a Chatellerault (France) , EXPO 2000 in Hannover (Germany), Edinburg Art Festival (Scotland) ,Bath music festival (Great Britain) etc.. As a soloist Anokhina has worked with major symphonic and chamber orchestras of Belarus and also, Symphonic orchestra of Mariinsky Theater in St.Petersburg, Russia, conducted by Valeriy Gergiev ,Singapore Chinese Orchestra etc. .

Anokhina has brilliant educational background. In 2003 she received her Master of Arts degree from Belarusian State Music Academy, specializing in cimbalum solo performance. She became a professor of the Academy in the young age of 21, which serves as a demonstration of her superb performing skills,artistic personality, passion and teaching talent.
Anokhina spent her high school years in Republican Lyceum of Belarusian Academy of music, graduating with honors in 1996. Being a 10-year-old girl she became a winner of a prestigious Republican Zhinovich Competition in Belarus. At the same period she started to perform abroad as a soloist of Lyceum Junior Chamber Orchestra. At the age of 11 the young prodigy received a scholarship from the famous international fund "Noviye imena" ("The New Names", Moscow). She starred in concerts, organized by the Fund in Moscow P. I. Tchaikovsky Conservatory and Moscow P.I Tchaikovsky Concert Hall. For a teenager it was a great experience to perform on stage with such top professionals as Nikolai Tsiskaridze, Eugene Kissin , Alexander Gindin. In 1997 she received the President of Belarus Scholarship for Gifted Youth.

Anokhina is a universal performer. Her repertory ranges from Barocco pieces to contemporary music, including modern compositions written especially for cimbalum. Her favorite composers are Bela Bartok, Georgiy Sviridov, Robert Schumann, Zoltan Koday, Eugene Ysaye and Alfred Schnittke.

Anokhina is often an object of interest for international press. Articles covering her performances have recently appeared in Chinese, German,Italian and French press. She is an active participant of studio recordings and TV music shows.